Affiliate Marketing – The Business Model That Can Keep Your Business From Failure

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that once you understand what it is and how it works you can use it to save or enhance the business you are in or use it as a stand alone business model for recurring income month after month.

You see, affiliate marketing is not new, it’s been around since the early days of the web when some smart people figured out that it was the best way to produce income from the internet and it’s only gotten better since then.

Affiliate Marketing Can Help Your Business With Cashflow…

Businesses need a constant stream of high-quality leads or customers who are interested in what you have to offer. They also need good cash flow. But where most businesses fall short is they can’t afford the advertising required to generate leads and/or customers. Or, if they are attempting free marketing methods, they can’t afford the time required to generate enough leads to see high enough profits.

You may or may not understand it right now but affiliate marketing can be used to help your current business because it works for just about every product or particular niche.

It’s Not About Exposure, It’s About Leads…

But what if you could be profiting, or at least breaking even, before you ever presented what you’re actually selling. Imagine having hundreds or even thousands of new people every day coming through your marketing and sales pipeline, being introduced to your sales offer(s) who you already profited on before they even got there.

That’s the key to winning online... You must get paid to build your list. This allows you to cover ad costs or get far more revenue from the same lead and customer from free marketing strategies that cost time.

And that’s what affiliate marketing can do for your sales funnel.

It’s not about exposure for the business, it’s all about the leads and how to get them.  Free marketing methods require a lot of time and effort and most business owners are lost when it comes to it.

The much better model is to have a high stream of leads coming in each month by affiliate marketing that pays for the ad cost to obtain them.  This is called the “Zero Cost Ad Strategy” and it’s used by many successful businesses. 

It’s no different than having the TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and SEO people coming to you and offering you free advertising for life.  Would you turn that down?  Of course not.

This is how you become profitable or break even before you actually get to what you’re really selling.  The whole idea is to get hundreds or even thousands of people into your basket who you profit on before you even introduce your real product!

Here’s How To Do It:

These are the top couple affiliate networks that you can join and find a product that is related to what you sell. They are Click Bank or JVZoo.

Certainly, choosing a great affiliate product is key to your success with this strategy, and we can help you choose the right product. But let’s stay focused on the strategy for now so you get the power and simplicity of it.

First step is to choose an affiliate product that is somewhat related or very related to what you are selling.  Now you have to make sure you choose your product wisely and we can definitely help you in this area because it must be done correctly in order to bring in significant income.

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Once you have the right affiliate product identified the process is pretty simple from there.  You begin an ad campaign to target the correct audience and use one or more of the social media platforms such as facebook, youtube etc. or like network.

Then the process works this way:

1.  Prospect enters their email because ad campaign attracted them

2.  They are sent to a Landing Page where you offer value and begin relationship

3.  You recommend the Affiliate Product with a high converting page

4.  Lead buys your product

5.  You just generated income to pay your ad costs

Now this is the process laid out pretty simple.  Of course not every lead is going to buy your affiliate product but that is also part of the strategy.  Because every lead that enters your funnel is now on your email list AND THAT is where the real money is!

The money is in the list!  You are now building a list that will continue to grow automatically (that’s important to understand).  It’s growing while you are home, sleeping, on vacation or at the business.  And it’s a list that you will be continually in front of for years to come building relationship, offering products. 

And it doesn’t stop there because there are also new tools out there that can even get those leads referring other people to your business at NO additional cost to you!

If any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to improve their bottom line really gets hold of this strategy it can change their whole future. 

This is called quite simply a system for predictable cashflow.  Now money that will pay your upfront costs in a predictable fashion.  Or just make an incredible living on affiliate marketing alone.  Either way it works! 

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To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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