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The key way to increase your cashflow is to have affiliate programs that you get paid for in your autoresponder emails and in your funnels to market. You really miss out if you don’t include them in your marketing because you can accomplish two things by doing so.

#1. You bring a lot of value to the table for people looking for these programs in order to help them in their business. Helping others and bringing value to the table is what you want to do. Become a person of generosity and caring and you’ll soon find yourself a leader people look to.

#2. You will automatically increase your cashflow which is a good thing!

Below you will find Jimmy Slattery’s Picks for Best Affiliate Programs currently out there. If you work in the online marketing world you will want to make sure these are in your bag of tools in your marketing funnels and emails.

And by online marketing world I am talking about coaches, consultants, bloggers or people who have courses they created. It’s not just for affiliate marketers. Anyone trying to make money online can generate cashflow using our online success strategy which implements this key factor.

Affiliate Programs for Other Topics & Niches

If You’re Going to Get Into the Game, Then Understand that More Offers + Automated Selling is the Key to Affiliate Marketing.

You can significantly up your income if you learn how to use Affiliate Marketing by boosting your Lead Value.

Obviously, if you are in affiliate marketing then cashflow is the name of the game so when you add more affiliate offers to your autoresponders you do just that. And when you do generate more income you are able to scale up your advertising by having it pay for itself.

The first rule or law of affiliate marketing should be in my opinion anyway that you generate enough up front money to continue to pay for your ads that continue to build your business. This is how you turn a small return marketing effort into a six and seven figure marketing business. It’s the “Zero-Cost” Ad Strategy.

If You’re into Free Marketing That’s Great But Paid Ads Can be Free Too!

Lot’s of Affiliate Marketers are getting great traction with just free leads on youtube or wherever but don’t miss the fact that you can be increasing your cashflow with both.

Free leads are awesome but when you begin to use paid ads from multiple affiliate programs that you offer you increase your cashflow significantly and it’s still not costing you. But you can only accomplish this by using many offers in your emails and marketing funnels. That’s the key!

Adding multiple affiliate offers into your automated emails is the easiest way to increase cashflow on the same leads you generate.

This is How You Use the Same Process and Earn Like The Big Earners Do

If you begin to adapt your marketing using this strategy you will also be tapping into the exact same recipe the Big Boys like Gary V, Tony Robbins or people like Frank Kern use everyday.

When you really think about it, either way you’ll be spending the same amount of time in your business. Why not leverage yourself with multiple offers to allow you to scale up to a 5, 6 or even a 7 figure a year business.

The Truth Behind Successful Online Marketing

Open up Your World and Let Affiliate Marketing Create Multiple Streams of Income For You

THAT is how it is done!

When you use a “Zero-Cost Strategy” by letting your multiple offers pay for your advertising you free up so much more time and you can now spend that time on your social media profile, testing Lead Capture Pages and writing blog articles boosting your presence on the web and becoming one of the masters yourself!

You will soon separate yourself form the pack and be miles ahead of everyone else!

Sharing the Right Affiliate Offers Will Increase Your Value Now and For the Long Run.

And this is because it actually ends up benefiting them which in turn helps them trust you as a great source and more than likely they will buy from you again the next time you offer something.

When you select great affiliate programs that will help your leads and you put them in your autoresponder emails, pop ups or in your check out process, the more you’ll earn.

Make Sure you Have both Low and High Ticket Affiliate Programs

When I say low ticket I mean links like this one describing how to get a blog like this one. It will look like this on my emails, youtube channel and blog posts:

Get a blog just like this one for $99

You won’t make as much on a low ticket item such as this blog referral but you’ll build something even more important and that is trust. Your lead will see that you cover everything showing them you’re not just in it for money only but that you’re interested in them succeeding too. Which by the way you should be!

You will make more on the higher ticket items but remember it’s the combination of low and high ticket affiliate programs that will enable you to keep your advertising always paid for and not out of your own pocket.

So with all that said, let’s get to my Best Affiliate Picks

My Picks for Best Affiliate Programs 2019

The list is in no particular order, it’s simply the programs we’ve been referring our list into. It’s the programs that we use to teach others how to start their own cashflow. New programs are sometimes added so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Here are the Best Picks Jim Recommends You Consider For Your Affiliate Marketing:

Jim’s complete list, last updated on Nov. 12th, 2019

1. Profit Platform – Exact Same System Jim Uses for Leads & Cashflow

Profit Platform is where it all begins if you want a comprehensive system. It’s the exact same one Jim uses. Every marketing funnel you’ll ever need, all the ingredients to have an up and running automatic marketing system to generate leads and recurring sales commissions. Unique and customizable to you.

Become an Affiliate of Profit Platform here.

2. Aweber – Email Marketing

Aweber – This email system allows you to set up auto-responder emails. It’s a robust system with everything you need to carry on a full scale affiliate marketing business. Once a lead is captured, your Aweber system will kick in automatically sending emails to your leads.

One note: If you are using Kartra you’ll already have a great email system built right in. And Karta is turning out to have the best email deliverability rates in the industry. But if you do not have Kartra you will need a system and Aweber will fit the bill.

Click here for Aweber’s Affiliate Program

3. Kartra – The Newest and Baddest All-in-One Marketing Platform Ever!

Kartra is priced about the same as Clickfunnels but beats it and any other program like Builderall or LeadPages. Not just beats it but runs circles around them. Includes an email system and so much more.

It’s without a doubt the absolute best of the best.

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate with Kartra

Learn more about Kartra as an All-In-One Marketing Platform

4. Affiliate Blog

This Affiliate Blog is a low cost WordPress blog which is all you need. It’s the one you’re reading on now. You’ll get a WordPress blog all set up for you and learn about generating traffic using SEO.

Blog and classes cost $99.

Pays $20* affiliate commission. This is the low ticket type of products that really help your leads become involved. Much more significant commissions come in the upsell process which you’ll learn all about.

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate for Affiliate Starter Blog

Learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog

5. ClickMagick – Tracking & Optimization

Once again, if you are going to be using Kartra you won’t need ClickMagick because Kartra is as awesome as I said it was and includes all your lead tracking. Tracking is important as you need to know where your leads are coming from so that you know where to concentrate your marketing efforts.

Here’s where you become a ClickMagick Affiliate

6. Upviral – Program that Increases Leads up to 100x at No Further Cost

This is a low-cost, very powerful tool that will cause a huge extra harvest of leads. Simple to use. Pretty ingenious actually.

Learn more about Upviral Affiliate Program

Learn more about Upviral

7. Fiverr

All the help you’ll ever need all in one place. You can hire assistants to do just about anything you need. Designers, help with content articles, rewrite content. Whatever you need it’s at Fiverr. Get a lot done for just $5. Some services cost a bit more but still very inexpensive.

You can sign up here to use Fiverr

Once you sign up for a free account at the link above, simple go to this link below and become an affiliate.

Click here to become a Fiverr Affiliate

8. Visiting Host – Excellent hosting service for very little. No Bluehost big fees here.

I use Visiting Hosting Service for my blog and save a lot compared with Bluehost and other hosting services.

If you decide to blog you will need a hosting service and Visiting Host is excellent and much more affordable. Plus you can pay monthly. I believe the price is $3.99 a month as of this time.

Get Visiting Host here and host your blog

9. Zoom

Zoom is a great program that enables you to do webinars or just video meetups whether in groups or one on one. You can use slides or your screen. Used industry wide and has excellent reviews.

Learn more about the Zoom Affiliate Program here

10. Predictable Cashflow Pro

Coming Soon!

11. Chatbot

Coming Soon!

Here is a page with videos that look at and review many of the Affiliate Programs on Jim’s list. The page also contains links to sign up for free for each one.

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