Becoming a Successful Marketer

If you’ve ever tried your hand in marketing I would be willing to bet that you failed at it once or twice.  You wanted to be a successful marketer and maybe you’re a bit better at it now but if you were anything like me you probably had more than a handful of starts that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

Tried different things like me?

It might have been an ebook or printed book, maybe a product, perhaps you have a course you would like to promote or a coaching/consulting business.  Maybe you attempted affiliate marketing (other peoples products) and became frustrated.

The reason for failure is really simple, totally understandable and most often overlooked.  You were focusing on selling your “thing” — that book, course, product, opportunity, coaching or whatever it was when the thing you needed to focus on, the one thing that really matters first is….Cashflow.

Let me explain it this way… 

You have to start thinking in terms of cash flow before sales.  Here’s what I mean:

1.  First, cover all your marketing costs so you can afford to really ramp up your selling. Do this by FIRST… predict and hit your income objective.

2.  Second, put enough in your pocket to cover living expenses. This is so overlooked but so extremely important!

3.  Third, hit a specific income target to afford the lifestyle you really want.


Using a system that automates the entire process is the other half.  It’s not the entire focus but it sure helps.  The focus is on determining the “target numbers” that make #1, 2 and 3 above possible.  Then the focus becomes HOW you hit those numbers.

What I’m really saying here is…. stop winging it and get a real plan!

It’s Funnels vs. Cash flow

I’m sure you’ve heard of funnels.  It’s a series of webpages and emails that automate the marketing and the selling for you.  It can include things like a chatbox that automates selling for you through Facebook messenger (really cool by the way).

While you and others have probably used funnels to sell your product, classes or opportunities… these are rarely designed to generate enough cashflow to keep you going. 

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If you’re not having the success you thought you’d have by now then step back a moment and just take a look at the bigger picture I’m presenting you because like I said, I’ve been there and I’ve learned.

Cashflow and Automation first, then your product.  You’ll see more of what I mean by when you click here for the strategy you need to succeed.

There really is a better way!

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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