Behavioral Adaptive Marketing – It’s Here, It’s Great and Kartra Has it!

Now all your marketing funnels can have a new tool and it’s powerful! Behavioral Adaptive Marketing or BAM as it’s called can now automate the process of being able to provide personalized messaging and offers that are unique to each individual based on what they just watched in your funnel or didn’t watch. What they clicked on, didn’t click on or what page they landed on using Kartra.

Imagine how this will improve your sales being able to follow up your leads and prospects based on what they did or did not click on? And then have them drop into a different email sequence or be taken out of others, maybe shown a certain video or offer and it’s all happening behind the scenes for you, while it’s building a relationship you have with them generating cash flow at the same time.

That’s exactly what my team and I are doing. And you can use the same system. It’s powerful. In fact, it’s the most powerful way to reach your goals no matter what you’re marketing or promoting.

If you haven’t gotten our Cashflow Formula PDF download yet, grab it at the link below. You’ll enter your email and get taught all this powerful stuff that allows you to automate sales for any business or program you choose. Access here: Cashflow Formula PDF

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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