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Wer’e building a Kartra Affiliate Army And Here’s Why You Should Consider Joining!

Listen to our replay of our first collaborative session from a few days ago and see how you can BENEFIT TREMENDOUSLY by joining our team as you build your Kartra Affiliate Business.

My partners and I decided that it would benefit us all in a very big way if we focused on how to help one another to create funnels that we can all use to generate Kartra affiliate commissions.  And also to generate additional commissions from the different products that we will be adding to the funnel.

The video above goes into greater detail as to this huge collaborative effort.  We encourage you to watch and join us and to tell your affiliates about the army of Kartra affiliates we want to build so that you and your teams can enjoy earnings for years to come.

We will be discussing more and continue to communicate through the Kartra Affiliate FB Group.  You need to be a Kartra JV Affiliate Partner to join the group.  You can become an affiliate and a JV Partner here if you are not already.  You do not have to buy Kartra to become an affiliate.  Kartra pays 40% for life of every sale and recurring payments generated by your referrals!

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you are one of our team members in Profit Platform and someone else referred you to our team, please get your Kartra Affiliate and JV Link from them!

IF YOU ARE NEW TO AFFILIATE MARKETING AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT –  Don’t fret because this link will take you to the very beginning where we all started from to learn the greatest business in the world!  If you have been an affiliate for some time but know you could be doing even better with just a little help then click this link and come join a great community of marketers helping one another to be successful!

You can also reach out to me at anytime, I’m happy to help.  Simply email me at:

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

P.S.  You can check out Kartra here and learn more about it.

        And here is the affiliate link again:  click here

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