ClickMagick – The Tool to Help You Track and Convert Your Leads

In order to be a success at affiliate marketing and to make yourself a good income online you have to follow a good online success strategy and ClickMagick is one of the tools we use that will help you tremendously by tracking your leads and conversions.

ClickMagick is simply a tool that will give you a tracking pixel (tiny snippet of html code which tracks your lead) that you place onto your landing pages.  Simple as copy and paste.  When a person lands on your page after opting into your list ClickMagick will simply let you know which page it came from allowing you to compare your pages to see what is working best.

In other words it allows you to see where your leads are coming from.  For instance if you market on YouTube and Facebook you can see which one is working best and then you can devote more time to that one.

Pretty simple really but very important if you’re to be successful at online marketing.

Keep in Mind – If you use Kartra, no need for ClickMagick…

Note that if you are using Kartra for your marketing funnels you will have all the tracking tools you need making ClickMagick unnecessary. 

For a complete success system check us out over at Affiliate Nation where we’ve put together a complete system for you with traffic co ops and everything!

To Your Success!


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