Don’t Let Your Online Business Get Compromised! Major Breach for WhatsApp – How To Fix It.

There was a major security breach in WhatsApp which left users unknowingly vulnerable to some malicious spyware installed on their smartphones. WhatsApp released info on this just Monday and it affects both iPhone and Android users.

They are urging all users to make sure they have updated the app as soon as possible to eliminate the threat. What makes this threat all the more dangerous is the fact that it was installed by making a call to the phone that did not need to be answered to have been installed.

Here’s how to make sure you are updated:

  1. Go to Play Store

2. Tap the Menu button.

3. Tap My apps & games.

4. Tap Installed.

5. Find and tap WhatsApp Messenger.

6. Hit Read more and scroll to the bottom.7. Under App info, verify what version you’re on. If you’re on version 2.19.134. If so, like here, you’re safe, your version of WhatsApp is updated.

8. If you’re on an earlier version, scroll to the top and tap Update. 

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap Updates.

3. Scroll to WhatsApp and tap ‘More’ to see your most recent version number.

4. If you’re on version 2.19.51, you’re updated, and completely safe.

5. If you’re on an older version, you’ll see a button that says UPDATE (and not OPEN). Tap that to update WhatsApp.

Hope that info helps!

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