How Clint Eastwood Helped Me One Day

Sometimes we all need help with to keep us on our chosen path.  Sometimes that help can come from the most unexpected places.

I’ve heard it said that “life imitates art” and some hold the opposite to be true but either way one thing I’ve always been fascinated by is how the storyline in so many movies usually revolve around “a hero” and some obstacle that they must overcome or how they help people who need saving.

It’s no different in life, we are always looking for a hero or leader to help lead the way or show us a better way.  It’s why so many people who run for office have slogans like “Hope and Change” or “Make America Great Again”. 

Sometimes we have to be our own hero.  That’s when we take a good look at ourselves and understand that “If it’s got to be, it’s up to me”.  I had one of those moments this past weekend as I watched a Clint Eastwood movie.

“The Mule” is a great movie but the part that got to me was the least expected.  It was when the credits were rolling at the end.  There is a song playing over the rolling of the credits by Toby Keith titled “Don’t Let the Old Man In”.  I  really liked the song so I went to Youtube to hear it and subsequently found another video on how the song came to be.

Long story short, Toby Keith was visiting Clint Eastwood on the occasion of Clint’s 88th birthday.  Clint told Toby he was leaving the next day to star in and direct his next movie which was “The Mule”.

Toby was amazed that a man of 88 years wasn’t letting his age stop him from doing what he loved most which was making his next movie and that it was just another day on the job for him.  Toby asked Clint what keeps you going?

And the answer Clint Eastwood gave really made me sit up and think.   Clint simply said… “I just get up everyday and don’t let the old man in”.

Those few words made a huge impact on me. In those few short words Clint Eastwood wasn’t denying the fact that he was old but he was denying the power those facts held if he were to believe in an “old man kind of thinking”, the kind of thinking that could keep him from living the life he chose! 

He was closing the door on the aches, the pains, excuses and regrets of the past that he understood would roadblock his attempts to live his life to the fullest if he let them!  He was going to live, not in spite of his situation, but he was going to live THROUGH IT!

What stops you from doing the things each day necessary to become the person you want to be?  What has kept you from becoming a great business person or a success selling and making a living online or whatever it is you do?  Have you let the old man in?

If you’re like me, it’s usually mindsets that were firmly set up in our past by circumstances, negative things people said about you or the programming you received in your youth.

Whatever it is, and no matter what your age, make up your mind to not let it in anymore.  You allow who you want in your home right?  Well, you should allow only who you want in your head too!

What a lesson this was for me.  I too easily slip into my old thinking patterns.  I let my age of 66 sometimes make me think this is a young man’s game and I am a little too over the hill for it.  But if Clint Eastwood is directing and making movies and he’s nearly 90 then what excuse do I have?  Better I should adapt his thinking and get up each morning and say… “Jimmy, don’t let the old man in”.

To Your Success!


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