How I Got My First 100 Leads Doing Online Marketing

Getting my first 100 leads by online marketing was actually pretty easy.  Now I don’t say that to say that marketing online is a breeze because it’s not.  But it’s definitely not hard either.

There are so many different ways to get leads online and there are 2 different ways to get them.  Free and paid for.  My first 100 leads came from solo ads.  If you’ve never heard of solo ads, they’re a really inexpensive and easy way to get your leads coming in and start building your email list.

What you’re buying is access to another person’s email list.  Essentially, what you’re doing is paying someone with a huge email list to send out a link to YOUR offer to THEIR email list.

You pay for each link click and the normal price range is anywhere from 25 cents to 85 cents depending on the vendor.  It’s a great way to start your email list with people who have shown an interest in your offer and get sales coming in.

As I mentioned, my first 100 leads came from solo ads.  You will find a ton of solo ad providers out there but the best one I found and recommend is Udimi.

Udimi is one of the best providers in my opinion.  What I like is before you purchase solo ads from their providers, you can see their reviews and amount of sales other people have racked up.  It makes it all much easier for you to avoid the bad providers.

Udimi has an excellent rep and so many providers that you can’t help but find what you personally need.  You can check out Udimi here. What I really like about the providers there are that they promise you x amount of leads but actually many times provide even more than that.  That’s the sign that you’re in the right place.

Solo ads were my first choice and it enabled me to get my first 100 leads.  But you can’t stick with solo ads forever.  The very best way to keep leads coming in and building your business is to learn online marketing.  I don’t mean just paying for ads or putting up a couple facebook posts on your business page. I mean real marketing. The course is free and it’s awesome!

Real true online marketing is a skill to be learned.  As I said in the beginning of this post, it’s not a breeze but it’s not hard either.  Just like any skill it must be learned.

Solo ads can be the beginning but if you truly want to change your life then learn online marketing.  When you learn marketing the correct way and not the black hat way everything will change for the better.  Your outlook on life, your bank account, all will change for the better.

Here’s where I started almost a year ago.  All it takes is the first step.  Are you ready?  Then Start Here.

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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