How Kartra Can Make You A 7 Figure Earner! No More Excuses

I am Amazed at what you can do with Kartra for online marketing and so much more!  I’ve just finished watching the video we all watched yesterday and I honestly found it hard to believe that there could be such a system available now.  It blew me away!

Those who will take the time to learn this tool and use it will gain great advantages and I predict they’ll become even more valuable than many of the 7 figure guru’s out there now.

You really need to see this!

I’m not sure anyone really realizes yet what they have here if they start marketing using Kartra.  They left nothing out of this marketing platform and added a few things I didn’t even know could be done!  If you’re into affiliate marketing you absolutely have to see this!  Actually, no matter what type of internet marketing you may be into, whether network marketing or just selling your own product you really need to see this!

Kartra is a phenomenal tool and if you’ve been trying to make money online this system will most definitely give you an upper hand over all the internet marketing gurus out there. 

Some of these gurus have been sitting around fat, sassy and happy for a while now selling things like clickfunnels or leadpages and other systems that have been the industry leaders.  Great systems but this just changed the whole game.

My feeling is that a lot of these gurus are going to take the attitude that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  They’re not going to be real quick to move and start using a brand new system, they’re going to be reluctant to change.  Changing systems is a big decision and takes time. 

That means that you have an opportunity and a window of time to ethically pick off their future leads and their clients and also become much more valuable than a lot of the seven figure earning gurus out there
because Kartra blows the socks off every one of those other systems! 

This is a game changer folks!

It really is! Combine Kartra with our Profit Platform system and it will be like lighting the fuse to dynamite!

Talk about cutting down the learning curve and saving people money.  It’s going to solve so many of the problems most marketers have. No more having to learn EVERYTHING! Kartra simply does it all! It does it all and does it in an incredible fashion.

I want to talk about that, in fact watch this video if you want to learn more about how you can get the upper hand and get huge leverage by latching on to this opportunity.

I don’t know why I had not seen this before as I guess it has been around for a little while but it’s still game on with this.  It hasn’t even come close to the tipping point yet, there is still a lot of time to take advantage of the open window here.

Better than clickfunnels? Much as I liked CF, have to say yes

You know clickfunnels is great and it has a lot going for it but sometimes when you do something so long it’s hard to adapt and to evolve as the next generation appears.  I know Frank Kern is involved with Kartra and he’s no slouch! 

Clickfunnels has tons going on in the affiliate world but I got a feeling Kartra will be coming out on top and I think that’s because what Frank Kern and Andy Jenkins did is just start completely over, they started from scratch. 

They didn’t tweak something but built a brand new system from the bottom up and it’s so superior to anything out there it’s just going to rock some people as it did me!

It’s just going to give you so much many more advantages which you’ll see for yourself in the video link if you want to know more about that. 

Here’s probably it’s best advantage of all…

It’s a feature they built into it called “behavioral adaptive marketing” or BAM for short.  What this does is it takes whatever action the lead took like clicking a certain link, watching a video or maybe they decide not to finish watching a video.  I mean whatever their behavior is you can set a different email to go out based on the action they took. 

The system reacts to that behavior and adapts to it specifically.   That’s incredible!  I like that it’s called BAM for short because it’s like whatever they do.. BAM! it’s noted and followed up accordingly.  Can you see the incredible advantage to that?

Most of us have heard of infusionsoft and if you ever took a look at it you could do things like that but man the cost and the challenge technically made it nearly impossible for the little guy but Kartra does it and does it inexpensivelly.

We at Profit Platform are going to be using Kartra and building everything we do around it because it would just be stupid not to to put it bluntly.  I think you can blow whatever you’re doing totally out of the water if you use this and that’s what we’ll be doing.

Go ahead and click on the link , listen to the video on the first page and I’d love to read any comments on what you think.  Man if you have been wanting or trying to build a list or getting cash flow by selling stuff you have no excuses left with this phenomenal Kartra System available.

If you want to be get out front on this and be the marketer to those who need tools like this be they business owners or online marketers or affiliate marketers then don’t delay because affiliate marketers and business owners are going to eat this up.  You can be an affiliate for Kartra here for free!

Oh and one more thing… the pricing of Kartra is impressive, not at all what you’d think it would be being so rich in applications.   One thing that bugs me to no end is all the price gouging some of the big gurus have going on with their big prices.  Lot’s of gurus  will tell you that you need a blog and then send you their bluehost affiliate link where you end up paying for 3 years of hosting just so they can pay out a commission.

We’re going to be showing you guys in the weeks to come how to do well as an affiliate without all that crap.  I’m referring my clients to where they can host for $2.75 a month with no commitments.  So enough said!  Click the link below, watch the video on the first page and see if you’re not as amazed at Kartra as I was.  My description here doesn’t do it justice and there’s so many more features than I even mentioned.  Follow us here and we’ll keep you abreast of things. 

This is really, really BIG.

Online Success Strategy here.

Kartra System here.

Affiliate Only for Kartra here.

To Your Success!………Jimmy Slattery

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