How You Can Learn to Market Anything

Alright, going to get right down to it.  No hype, BS or pie in the sky promises.  I heard a saying once and if it ever applied to anything it certainly applies to an online marketing business and affiliate marketing and here it is:

Affiliate Marketing is the hardest easiest thing I ever did and the easiest hardest thing I ever did.  What I mean by that is because of the tools and automation available to marketers today, you can be on your way to easy street once you have it all set up.  But to get it all set up takes time, patience, the ability to not get distracted and you have to actually take some time to learn the skill of marketing.

There are no shortcuts to a successful affiliate marketing business. There is ONE, only ONE way to get there.  Every single successful marketer follows these steps, not some of them but all of them and if you want to be like them then all you need to do is copy them.

This is a strategy, it’s not pie in the sky.  It works and it works extremely well.  It’s like a path to follow and if you follow it and stay in the steps of those before you then you will get there.

The greatest thing about following a map is once you get to your destination, what I like to call the sweet spot then all you have to do is just keep your hand on the wheel and just steer.

Here’s What They Do…

1. They Build a List and then build relationships with that list using automation.

2. Using the same automation they market and they sell.

3. Once they understand where their customers are coming from and who they are they optimize their cashflow and increase what they earn from each one.

4. They have more than one stream of income.  Multiple streams of income come in from more than one offer, upsells, downsells and back end offers once again all automated.

5. Know exactly what they earn from each customer by tracking and then testing and retesting to increase per lead earnings.

Don’t Just Brush by That Lightly!

If you follow those steps and in the beginning it will seem hard (but know that we are here to help you) then you’ll be on your way to the hardest easiest business in the world which one day down the road will be your easiest hardest business you ever built.

How Do You Begin?

You can try and figure it all out on your own or you can follow our steps as I mentioned above and let us help you put it all together with the “Online Success Strategy” that every REAL and TRUE successful marketer uses.

You can also use a solution like Kartra which is an all-in-one marketing system and we can help you with that also.

Kartra is now recommended far above Clickfunnels, Leadpages or Builderall or what have you.  We highly recommend Kartra.

It All Begins With the Funnel

What is a marketing funnel?  Most of you know but many of you don’t have the proper knowledge of what a real funnel is because maybe your network marketing company provided you with what they call a funnel when in fact it’s not a real funnel in a true marketing sense and you know it because it never really worked did it?

Maybe you bought a program from one of the thousands of “money making systems” out there but you found out it doesn’t work for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s All About Attraction:  It’s not about selling at first, that comes later.  You must first attract your lead to you like a magnet.  You have to offer people something of value in exchange for their email address.  This is how you build your list.  Now you are forever in touch with them and you begin to build a relationship.

Have Multiple Streams of Income: The big name marketers like Mike Dillard, Frank Kern and others didn’t get there by offering just one product.  They built their list and offered product after product over the years.  They fostered great relationships with their list by being honest, open and providing great value.  Different offers enable you to pay for all your upfront ad costs which free you up.

Lead Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Sales Pages and Thank You Very Much Pages: All of these pages will be working while you sleep selling for you.  All completely automated.  People entering their email on your lead capture page then going to your landing page continuing into your funnel and growing every day.

Your sales pages will present the offers where the purchases are made all part of your funnel.  Pages to present upsells once they purchase your lead product.  There is now a platform called Kartra that will keep track of where the lead is in the process and turn them to the next best offer all designed by where the lead is and what action they have taken so far.  It’s absolutely incredible what can be done online now to increase sales.

If This All Sounds Hard You’re Right But…

You won’t and don’t have to go it alone and like I said before, it will be the hardest easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Here’s the great part… you can have our whole complete system and you can make it your own.  Everything I’ve explained and shown you so far is available to you.  All the systems, pages, offers, emails for your autoresponders, articles for your blog.  Nothing is left out.

Continue to explore my blog, check out the other articles on my blog and get a feel for what myself and others are all about.

Like I also said in the beginning… this is no hype or BS, no pie in the sky.  This is what it takes if you want to be one of the top tier earners online.

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To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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