How Upviral Gets Your Leads to Get You Even More Leads!

This is a pretty amazing tool for any business looking for leads.  It’s so simple yet so powerful.

How great would it be to have your leads that are coming into your funnel actually start referring their friends into your funnel who may be interested in your offers like they are?  Well, it would be pretty flippin awesome to say the least and that’s exactly what Upviral can do for you.

And guess what?  The great thing about it is you’re NOT paying for those leads and traffic!  Another high five!

Upviral has completed case studies that show the math on this works pretty well.  Your part is to give a free bonus, training class, ebook or whatever you like (just make sure it has great value) to your lead when they refer a certain amount of friends.

Fast and Easy to Do…

Once you place the link on your lead capture page or ad or whatever you’re using, your lead will be given a simple offer.  It will encourage them to receive your free bonus by entering a certain number of friends.

It’s easy for them to do and the correspondence to the friend is a warm invite, a very friendly recommendation that they check you out.

Make Sure You Really Understand How This Works and the Power Behind It…

So Let’s begin with small numbers and you can ratchet it up to what you may be doing now.

Say you are getting 50 leads a month and out of those 50 maybe 7 give you 3 referrals each with Upviral.  That’s 21 more leads for free for a total of 71 leads.  And what did you do to gain the extra 21?  Nothing but put out a link and gave something away!

Now if you’re averaging 50 a month you just upped that to 71.  The next month out of 71 (because the referrals will also refer)  you may have 10 people refer 3 each for a total of 30 extra leads.  Keep this up month after month and I hope you’re getting the picture?

Each month you generate your usual 50 leads and Upviral gives you an extra 21.

At the end of the year that’s 600 leads you generated and 252 more from Upviral.  But wait, because don’t forget those extra 252 have also referred people who have referred people who have referred people.

The Numbers Will Get Crazy After Awhile…

You would actually end up with more than double your usual leads. You’d be averaging something like 120 leads per month over a year.  That’s more than double the amount and you’re still only paying for the original 50 if you haven’t upped your budget.  Imagine if you upped your budget!

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Upviral is an amazing product.  What a game changer and depending on what you give away some people are doing even better with it.

And keep in mind you’re paying exactly $0 for this exponential growth!

I think you can see the power behind Upviral. If that doesn’t excite you then check your pulse. 

Check out Upviral here

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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