Kartra: The All-In-One Absolute Dream Platform for Online Marketing Like a Boss

Ok, here it is folks… without a doubt and with no reservations Kartra is the best and most advanced platform to EVER come along.  Kartra is powerful, robust and simple to use.  It’s an online marketers dream.

No matter your skill level or budget you’re going to love Kartra.  If you’re already a skilled marketer you’re going to especially love it when you see all the combined marketing components in this all-in-one platform.

What Puts it Above all the Others?

 – You get much, much more bang for your buck than Clickfunnels and the cost is very comparable

–  Email system included (no need for outside vendor like Aweber etc.)

–  Kartra has the highest deliverability email rates in the industry

–  And much more but the best innovation is BAM included in every package

What’s BAM?

It stands for Behavioral Adaptive Marketing…  What’s that?  Well, put simply it means that depending on what your lead clicks on, be it a link in an email or button on a web page, Kartra’s BAM will automatically customize what your lead sees next.

It knows what your lead watched, didn’t watch or the length of time it watched on a video and will send the appropriate email out and/or send the lead to a particular page designed for that leads particular action on the video.

In other words, it is personalizing everyone’s experience who enters into your funnel.  It automatically does this each time resulting in a highly increased likelihood that your lead will buy.  It increases the value of each of your leads!

Learn More Regarding Kartra Here

One of the best things about Kartra is it’s email deliverability rates, highest around.  That also means a likelihood of increased sales. 

One of the biggest signs that Kartra is the new (and best) kid in town is that many big-hitters in the industry are slowly converting over or dropping Kartra into their funnels. How do I know this? I subscribe to many of them to keep tabs on the industry and I have noticed right away the changes in emails I receive or particular pages I’m sent to all depending on MY actions. I can tell something is different after observing the industry so long.

Kartra is still fairly new but it’s what’s happening next and it’s available to you now.

Learn All About Kartra Here

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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