Marketing Systems – Some Work, Some Don’t, Here’s The Real Reason Why…

Too many “make money now” systems promise you a lot of cash but always leave you spending more than you make.

A few years ago I belonged to a network marketing company and I kept asking them when are we going to get a company marketing system for getting leads and advertising on Social Media like the “supposedly more progressive” companies were doing?

I didn’t realize it at that time that my company along with so many others like it had no more idea how to market on the web than I did.  My company finally came out with a site for its members and everyone had the same exact site.  We all thought we had it made as we posted on our facebook page our “new opportunity”… please go to my website and join!

Well, it didn’t work because the people I was exposing my opportunity to didn’t care one whit and as a result, I thought as many others did that, “This internet thing doesn’t work!”  But then I saw that it was working for some others, so what gives?

It’s comical now that I understand what it really takes to market online.  You simply can’t take a pre-built “money making” system and think you’re going to start cranking out cash, just not possible.

Network Marketing companies and some Affiliate Marketing companies will give you a pre-built lead capture page.  Even some done for you presentations and a few email follow ups but that won’t help.

But What it Really Takes to Win is that You Have to Be a Person Who Provides Value

If you are a person who has been consistently providing value on social media and through emails then you’ve established yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about and when a good opportunity comes up you’ll begin getting sales because those people already trust your recommendations.

The reason I know this works is because the opposite is true.  Ever see a post from a friend who suddenly is in a network marketing program and you know for a fact they don’t know a thing about the product?  And if their history is one of jumping from company to company are you about to join?  No, why?  Because they have no credibility and you already know a lot about them and that is why you said no.

This is critical in online marketing.  You can’t just put up inspirational posts or how you’ve suddenly become an entrepreneur and expect that people are going to jump into your opportunity, that’s nonsense.

How to Use Our Content and claim it as Your Own

Any system you use whether pre-built (hopefully you won’t use one) or a system that successful marketers use you have to cultivate relationships and provide value.

You have to know how to set things up, start building relationships with your new leads best using an automated system and then direct them to whatever you’re promoting.  This is the secret of the BIG earners.  You’re only spinning your wheels if you don’t.

Ever join a system where everybody knows the creator of the system but they don’t know you?  If so, you may see a little success but you’re not building a long term business.

No one in this business becomes wealthy by being a one product hustler.  The Big money is always made on the “back end”.  That’s where money is generated from selling many other products, affiliate offers or network marketing opportunities.

This is where the MAJORITY of the money is made.

It’s all about Cashflow Optimization which is learning how to increase your average lead value and it will only work when you build a relationship with your list.  And the best part is it can all be done automatically. 

Learn More How We Show You Step by Step How It’s Done

YOU have to be the one who is building relationships with YOUR list, not someone else’s.

They need to hear from YOU.

YOU provide the value (we show you how) and after your system is running for a while it will start to crank out sales that will blow your mind if you follow the steps we lay out.

This is where you want to be, this is how you win with a winning online system

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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