Neat Little Money Saving GoDaddy Trick for Marketers!

So I’m looking up domain names the other day as I need a few more for my affiliate marketing business. Usually I buy the domain name and then I go looking for hosting.

Now if you have a hosting service already this may work for you but I know for sure it works at GoDaddy.

So here’s the usual procedure… I buy the domain name and then I buy the hosting and whatever else I need. Well my last experience I stumbled on a neat little trick that GoDaddy won’t show you upfront but works great!

Search for your domain name and if it’s available then don’t buy it just yet! Save it to buy a little later in the process. Now buy hosting from GoDaddy (or wherever you buy domains and hosting) and once you have bought the hosting you will find that a FREE domain name goes with it! Definitely works at GoDaddy for sure.

Now you have a domain name for FREE!

Then before you check out make sure you have “honey” installed on chrome or your mac (see this link) and you’ll save even more. Bottom line is I saved over $60 with this little trick and using “honey”

Hey, a little here, a little there right? Better off in your pocket!

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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