Newbie Online Marketers Facebook Business Page Tips

Hey! Jimmy here with a couple tips for you if you’re just starting out and getting your feet wet with online marketing or affiliate marketing. Here’s a few things that will hopefully cut down a little time for you.

Profile and Headers

Obviously, the first thing anyone will see when they come to your business page is your profile pic and your cover photo. You can use your logo if you have one (if you don’t Fiverr is a good place to have one made). But if you want to promote yourself then a good pro pic of you is the best option here.

For your cover you should have a larger photo or maybe video that you make sure really identifies who you are or what your brand is. Make it as eye catching as possible. Videos are always more impressive for anyone viewing your page.

Your header or cover photo is your prime advertising place so make it at least attention grabbing and higher quality. If you intend on branding yourself a pro photo shoot should be on your to-do-list.

Here’s an example of my first page that I still use. It was done simply using (great tool).

Next, is your “about” Section

The best advice I can give you regarding the about section is just to not spend a great deal of time writing it out. In other word realize that most people hardly even look at it but you should have brief, concise and factual information about your page. Sometimes a mission statement will suffice.

Do enter your “contact info” and any other relevant information in this area. Remember that facebook is also trying to understand what your page is all about and that’s important as to who gets to see your page. You want to attract the right people who will turn into leads and buyers.

Use the “Story” section to get personal and transparent with your viewers. Don’t always be in “promotion mode”. People buy from people they like! Don’t worry about info for the “MORE INFO” section. It’s really not necessary.

The “about” section example

Using Messenger

One great thing about facebook is messenger. This allows customers or leads to contact you directly and for you to communicate with them. You can have auto responses set up to your website, email and more. One word of caution. Because facebook rates your response time, make sure you are timely in getting back with anyone that contacts you through messenger.

You can also choose different ways to convey how your lead or customer can contact you. In my former example above, my box says “learn more”. There are a few other options that you can use that will best suit your needs.

Most Important of All…

Make sure you post frequently and regularly. Pick a schedule and stick to it. To learn more about posting and what to post there are a ton of resources available. Just google or youtube what you’re looking for.

Here are all the Facebook Dimensions that you’ll need:

  • Profile Photo: 180×180 pixels. Your best bet is to upload a square image.
  • Cover Photo: 828×315 pixels works well
  • News Feed Link Image Size: 1200×900 pixels
  • News Feed Link Image Ratio: 4:3
  • Desktop News Feed Display: Up to 470×470 pixels
  • Mobile News Feed Display: Up to 626×840 pixels
  • Right Column Image Size: 254×133 pixels

So, just a few quick tips to help you on your way. There are so many great tools available to marketers today. So much better than in the early years. You can check out other tips on my blog that I know will help you out especially if you’re just starting out.

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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