Save Money When Buying Domains or Hosting – Tip of the Day

Everyone knows that affiliate marketing involves buying domain names and hosting and all that great stuff. It can be a little overwhelming especially for marketers just starting out. Here’s a short tip from my experience today and a great little money saver I found.

if you like saving money, I stumbled on this today and it’s pretty cool.  It’s a way to save when you’re on the web purchasing whatever it is you’re purchasing.

I was at GoDaddy purchasing hosting and a domain name.  I installed the honey app first and when I went to check out my price went from $75.14 to $12.38!

That’s over $60 bucks I saved!  I don’t know about you but anytime you can save any money in this business it’s a blessing.  Anyway, that’s my tip of the day!

Just google “chrome apps”  and look for honey and add it to your chrome browser!

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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