Scaling up Your Lead Generation and Your Sales With Automation

Just a quick short story to show you that no matter how many things change, they really remain the same when it comes to lead generation.  Many think that the internet changed the game when it came to the way we sell.  It did as far as the mechanics but the methods are still the same.

How it’s done today!

My business partner Mike discovered many moons ago that the same marketing strategy being used by successful marketers on the internet is really the same marketing strategy that has always dominated.

He began selling nutritional products as a young lad and after listening to a late night info-commercial that promised increased sales with a classified ad he gave it a try.

First Lesson Learned…

He placed the ad selling kids nutritional supplements in a parents publication.  Tweaked it a bit till he found a winning ad.  He made a bare bone profit but then he also made a smart decision and used his revenue to duplicate the ad in hundreds of publications.

Now he began to make a little more profit and it added up pretty quick.  Now some people would think Oh boy, I’ve got a winning ad, think I’ll advertise again and that would be the strategy.  But where was the real money in this situation?  What little secret came from this experience that all smart marketers use today?

Here’s the little secret….The money was in the list.  The list of people who already bought!  Sure keep advertising but the real money is in the list, same as today.  With each sale he was building a mailing list of buyers who knew him, liked the product and he could then market to these same buyers WITHOUT PAYING for more ads!  And that’s exactly what he did.  He scaled up, selling additional products to the list.

Don’t let anyone tell you that email lists are a think of the past.  I’ll bet that’s how you heard that, in an EMAIL LOL!

It’s like the guy who tells you that funnels are a think of the past, click here to find out why.  Guess what?  Click there and you go straight into a marketing funnel.  It’s hysterical.

My Partners Lesson is Still How it Works Today

You start out small, maybe not making a lot immediately selling your product but you’re building a list and that list can make you thousands if not millions if you scale it properly.

This is the foundation for the online success strategy used today. It’s what every single (successful that is) marketer is doing today

Most won’t understand that and that’s why they fail before they’ve even really started.  They didn’t realize that they were on the right track.  Maybe that’s you and you have a small list.  Well be happy because that’s where every big marketer started out.  What it’s really all about is Multiple Streams of Income.

It’s a Specific Strategy

No matter who you are if you’re successful, you have a list.  Affiliate marketers, author, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs, they all have a list.  It’s the same strategy as it’s always been.  But the combination of that strategy with the internet, the ability to scale up massively and quickly is unbelievably massive.  The strategy still works.

If you’re selling online you need a list and then you can use automation to scale up on a massive level.  No matter what social media you use or prefer it doesn’t matter. Using facebook?  Instagram?  Clickfunnels?  Kartra?  It works because you implemented an online success strategy.  And if you understand Cashflow Optimization then you’re really cooking.

The One and Only Key To Great Marketing is Cashflow Optimization…

Without it you’re in the bottom half of marketers just eeking out a living.  You must know and track your Average Lead Value and understand what that means.  This is essential in order to scale up your business.

Without this knowledge you don’t know where to begin to improve your marketing.  It’s why so many get stuck at a certain point and wonder why others do so well when they just get a little ahead.  It’s the reason so many fail.

Want to Name Your Income For The Coming Year and Take Control?…

When you track your lead value and use Cashflow Optimization you take control of your earnings and you name your income month by month, year by year.

This is a snapshot from a class my business partner created.  I use it to show the Cashflow Optimization steps.  Pay attention to these 5 ways you can take control of your earnings.

I say this a lot in my posts but it’s worth repeating… you need a marketing funnel system.  My best suggestion is to use Kartra because it’s all-in-one containing a total of everything you’ll need.

I have articles on tracking your lead valueCheck out what I mean to increase your income.

Here’s another article in this series:  How To Market Anything

Become a Kartra Affiliate and Begin Generating Thousands in Monthly Commissions

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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