The Online Success Strategy – That Tops Them All

When you talk about an online success strategy there can be more than one depending how you look at it. But when all is said and done it really boils down to these few steps. I’m Jimmy Slattery and I want to talk to you today about the real honest to down home truth about what’s really required to make it today online.

Remember we’re talking about sales and how to get them. Nothing changes in that area except the tech. The tech has made it much easier to reach people but reaching people is still the goal. After all no people, no sales right? Simple enough.

And the vast majority of people (including me when I started out) don’t have a million dollars or even a few thousand to start a robust advertising campaign that reaches people.

So What’s the Strategy That’s Been Used Over and Over To Reach Success?

It’s the exact same strategy used by all the big names since the days of the early internet and actually for years and years before then. It’s what propelled Dan Kennedy to fame and made direct mail marketing such a success.

Our “Online Success Strategy” can be found here.

You have to start small, begin to generate profit or break even on the upfront ads AND THEN, let me repeat, AND THEN, I’m going to repeat again because most miss this and that’s why they fail… AND THEN, begin to scale up for real profits by following up on the list!

For Those Who Became Pro’s it’s Not an Option

Unless you’re already a millionaire, if you don’t follow this process you’re not going to make it. Most affiliate marketers and those who are struggling authors, course creators, consultants and coaches most of the time do not get this right.

If you think that the big names like Mike Dillard, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and Ann Sieg did it different then you’re totally mistaken and may be deceiving yourself.

You’re reading from a guy who learned all these lessons the hard way and finally put it all together.

Here is What The Successful Marketers Do:

  • They Build an Email List
  • They implement automation to build relationships with the list
  • They automate all of their marketing and sales process
  • They sell more than one product (Multiple Streams of Income, Upsells etc.)
  • They track what they earn from leads and customers and use Cash flow optimization to increase their earnings and their “lead value”.
  • Test and retest, test and retest, test and retest resulting in increased income

Unless you’re already a millionaire that’s what you have to do if you want to earn a great living on the internet.

So How Do You Do All That?

You can get a WordPress blog and start adding funnels and we can certainly help you with that but I would suggest getting the one platform where you can do it all.

This powerful tool is by far the best of them all and it’s not Clickfunnels

And I share more about that in How to Market Anything

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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