What is the Fastest Way to Succeed in Network Marketing?

Eric Worre put out a video a few years back on the fastest path to success in network marketing.  I can’t say I disagree with all he said but I can also say I don’t totally agree either.  The question should be… What is the fastest way to “succeed” in network marketing, not what is the fastest path.

Is there a difference?  I believe so, it’s subtle but it’s there.  He talks about how you need to hang around successful people, go where they go, do what they do.  Now that’s great if you’ve got nothing better to do.  But you want to build a business not a social club. 

He talks about other things too that have to do with learning to recruit from people who know how to recruit.  Problem is most of the people I ever met in NM didn’t have a clue how to recruit other than to beg people to come to a meeting in a hotel. Those “paths” just don’t cut it anymore. 

Out with the old and in with the new!

You see, network marketing itself is just a path.  I didn’t want a path to success, I was looking FOR success itself and I thought those companies would be my path to success but how wrong I was. 

I wanted to be successful and I was looking to network marketing to take me there.  Taking me there makes it a path. I didn’t need a path to a path.  This is why I disagree with Eric Worre’s video.  It’s not that he’s trying to mislead because he’s not.  He’s a great guy for sure.

But somebody’s gotta start being truthful

You see, I’ve been through it all when it comes to network marketing.  I started years ago with Amway, then it was a powdered milk product I can’t even remember the name of.  Then it was on to Herbalife, Melaleuca, ACN and Ambit.  Always thinking I finally found the right company.  It’s crazy when I think of it now. 

And I think of all the people that were in it with me.  People I knew and all the others I didn’t that were all there for the same reason.  They wanted to be successful in life but we were all really lost when I think about it.  We were all lost because we got the network part down but not the marketing part.

And that’s the one thing, the very big one thing that most people don’t get when they join a network marketing company.  They don’t get that it’s really all about marketing.  It’s called network MARKETING! 

Let this really sink in…

Think about this!  And really let this sink in.  Network Marketing is two words, network and marketing.  You already have a network.  Everyone you know and work with but do you want to “market” to them?  H,E double L Hell NO!  That’s why I and you and hundreds of thousands failed at it!  That part sucks!

Who wants to bother your friends and family, your “network”?.  Nobody does, matter of fact you know you hate it.  I hated it, everyone you talked to in the business hated it and you know how I know that?  Because no one around me was doing it because they hated it too!  Sure, there were a few people who did ok but the truly successful people were the ones flown in to talk to the group.  Successful speaker 1, rest of us thousands.  Not a great ratio!

So Eric Worre can tell you in his video how hanging around successful people is one of the keys to being successful in network marketing because he needs content to put out there but I say… I want to be THE SUCCESSFUL PERSON that Eric says you should hang around with because I AM THE SUCCESSFUL PERSON, I’VE MADE IT!  Do you see the difference? 

So how do you do that?

It’s really so simple that I want to smack myself for not getting this years and years ago.  It’s about that second word in network marketing like I said.  It’s marketing, learning marketing, actually doing marketing, learning smart marketing like only marketing to people who are actually interested, putting yourself in front of those who want to hear what you have to say.

Look at it this way… if you’ve ever sat through one of those hotel meetings where your upline puts on the same old presentation again and again in front of 200 people.  Three quarters of which if not more are already in the opportunity (that’s generous, it’s probably more like 90% and you know it) then you know how hard it is. 

Meeting after meeting and after 6 months or longer your downline has 7 people in it.  5 who never did anything, 1 who was a shooting star for all of 5 minutes and the last one who loves to go to the meetings with you because misery loves company.

Now imagine if you will the same presentation or an even better one and it’s in front of thousands of people who are truly interested in finding your opportunity!

Or imagine this… your presentation is in front of people every day, all day and all night, different parts of the world even when you’re sleeping!  Oh, and the reason they’re listening?  Because they WANT TO! And many of them will be delighted and happy to have found you and will join you!

Don’t let that last paragraph pass you by.  Read it again because you can make that come true.  It’s the online success formula on steroids!  And online is where you need to be.  And if your upline tells you that they do online marketing because the company has a facebook page and a business site that will send emails and collect names please don’t be fooled.  That is not marketing.

I’m on a mission…

I am so fixated on helping people to see the light that I sometimes can get a little emotional when it comes to people thinking that their company is somehow marketing for them.  They are not.  It’s not even close.

Here’s the truth.  Network Marketing in my opinion is still the very best way for the average American to achieve unlimited success because the outlay is small and so is the risk.  But to be successful, you have to learn how to market.  Marketing is a skill.  And you have to learn it.  But once you do you can name your own ticket for whatever level of success you desire. 

This is the scenario once you’ve learned how to properly market online:

  • You’ll have an automated system that works all day and all night and never rests
  • Leads will pour into your system all day and all night
  • You get to present your opportunity only to those who asked you to
  • Your network won’t grow by maybe 1 or 2 a month but by 10 and more
  • You finally will be getting nice residuals month after month
  • You will use ads to grow your business and we teach you how to do it for free
  • You can look at your cousin Louie at the next family reunion as your cousin first and not a prospect.  How sweet would that be? 🙂
  • You never have to go to another hotel and wait in the hall looking for the one person who said they would come but are not showing up
  • You can own something you’ll be proud of because you learned a skill and implemented it
  • And best of all, once you start doing well, people will ask you to help them

Click on this link.  It will take you to the exact same place it took me when I started. And if you take it to heart and commit yourself to learn it, it will do for you what it’s done for me.  Click this link now.

To Your Success,

Jimmy Slattery

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