I Needed To Make A Change and Finally Become a Real Marketer!

Reality slapped me hard about a year ago this time (March of 2019)  I realized I had procrastinated and flittered away way too many of my days analyzing, organizing and doing everything else but taking real action in my online business.

I knew I could do better but I was President Procrastinator, overwhelmed by all the tasks before me and facing some of the results of my non action taking.  I was only sure of the following:

1. Low balances in the bank are not good.

2. Credit card debt can be a killer.

3. Retirement time comes sooner than you think and

4. Continuously promising your partner in life that things are going to get better gets old after a while.

Something needed to change and only I could change it.  I was sinking and sinking fast.  I knew I had to do something.  So I put myself in an empowering frame of mind and decided to rehab my entire business.  Tear it down and start all over.  I asked myself if I wanted to build the ultimate dream business what would that look like? 

What would a dream business look like?

My first thought was the ultimate dream business would be one where I sit back and do nothing and watch the money come in.  Great thought, but totally unrealistic. Realizing that we live in the real world and not a fantasy one, I asked myself what would it look like? Is there maybe a model out there now?

I also KNEW there had to be others out there like me experiencing their own frustrations with their business or their job, people who wanted to improve their lot but didn’t know where to begin.  I actually googled “make money online” to see how many results there were. 

It blew me away when I saw 4,000,000,000 results!  That’s 4 billion!  That’s enough to cover half the planet!  I had no idea the number would be that high.  But it showed me, and this is an understatement, that there was definitely a market for people who could help others earn more money.

So the first thing I decided was that I wanted a business that would…

#1… HELP OTHERS!  I remembered an old quote from Zig Zigler that said “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”  That would be the key!

I became convinced that this was the first secret to a dream business, helping others get what they want.  So what could I do that would help others, not just a little but in a big way?  What kind of business could lift them out and up and take them from a paycheck to paycheck existence to a life of not having to worry about the bills? 

What kind of business would take them to the kind of life where they would have more than enough money left over at the end of the month to invest? What kind of business would help others and better yet help them to pay it forward and help even more people?  Wow, I was thinking big for a change and I liked it!   

#2… It had to be a business selling digital products and not physical ones.  I had sold Honda auto parts online for a few years and the headaches from packaging, handling and shipping products all day long, handling return products was exhausting and time consuming. 

All I was doing was trading time for dollars.  It was really no different than having a job. I was boss but I was employee at the same time. That was no way to live. This dream business had to eliminate all that hassle and selling digital products exclusively would solve that problem.

#3… A dream business would have to run automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never rest.  It would have to be churning out money even while I was sleeping.  It would need attention of course, but once it started running it would be mostly hands free.

#4… A dream business would have to be simple to learn, simple to use and best of all have a dedicated group of people around all the time to help you grow and learn. Not saying you wouldn’t have to spend some time at it but also not the kind of business where you had to learn to code. It would need to be a point and click type of business.

#5… It must have unlimited earnings capability.  In other words there would be no boundaries to where it could go financially to benefit the owner and his/her family.  Six figure MONTHLY  incomes would have to be realistic and achievable for those who desired it or at least within reach if so desired. But more importantly, it would have to be a business that you could state your income desired and then realistically go after it whatever that amount would be.

And finally #6… It would teach lessons the wealthy use to increase wealth passively.  Once a business reached the point of more profits than expenses it would teach how to make that money make money using all the time tested techniques and secrets the wealthy have been using for years and years to great success.

So that’s where I found myself, dreaming of a dream business that would:

– Help others

– Sell Digital Products Only (Or teach others to sell their own products)

– Run Automatically 24/7 even when sleeping (especially when sleeping)

– Simple to Run

– Sky is the Limit in Earnings

– Teach How to Invest those Earnings Like the Wealthy Do

Was I being unrealistic, maybe a little bit crazy?  I didn’t think so.  I was determined to make this dream business come true and when I did that’s when things began to happen.  Once I decided I wanted to help others and know by doing so that my needs would also be taken care of everything else started to fall into place. 

Change your mindset and everything else begins to change too…

Within a month I met an incredible group of people who belonged to a group called Affiliate Nation. They thought like me, had the same ideals as me and had already started what I wanted to do and they were doing it well!  I joined up with them and in the last several months we’ve been working together to put all the necessary components in place to make this dream business work.

Together, everyone there believes that business is not just about making money, it’s about people first.  After all, without people on both ends nothing works.  It has to be a business  that realizes that both seller and buyer need to be happy and on the same page to achieve the results that each party is looking for. 

It’s not just about making the big bucks, definitely not about scamming people or putting out lousy content.  It’s about serving others who are hungry for what your business has to offer them.  It’s about giving more value than even promised.  It’s about doing things right and helping others.  You serve yourself too when you serve others.

So I am beyond thrilled to share with you a new SYSTEM, a Digital Franchise, we’re about to launch that will assist all types of people, from serial entrepreneurs and online business builders, to hungry affiliate marketers, network marketers, business owners, internet marketers, online marketers, home based business owners, coaches, consultants, authors and newbies. Anyone who wants to learn marketing and take it to another level!

What we’re about to launch will support people, whether they’ve got an online business or simply want to generate more monthly income without having to “TRADE TIME FOR MONEY” at your job.

(update:  We launched in August of 2020.  See it here and get a FREE course on Organic Marketing!)

Overcoming procrastination wasn’t the easiest thing to do for me.  But I realized that trying to learn everything and be a master of it all was the source of my frustration.  That’s what really kept me from staying at it and becoming successful.  With this system I became free. I am finally enjoying life and the extra time with family and just do the things I want to do because it’s all been done and put together for me.

Now I’m here to help you break free too.  If you’re at all inspired by what I’m sharing and want to be free to name your own income and become the owner of an automatic marketing machine then just click the link below or email me at jim@jimmyslattery.com and I will be sure to keep you updated on progress and launch. 

(update:  We launched in August of 2020.  See it here!)

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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