Zoom – My Pick for Best Tool for Recording Webinars, Team Meets, Presentations or Screen Sharing

Zoom is a great tool for you to use in your affiliate marketing business or whatever business you have.  It’s one of the most used tools for webinars and such. 

What’s great about it is it has a lot of different uses.  Sort of like an all-in-one media tool.  My team and I will use Zoom for meetings of all sorts.  Daily get togethers, screen sharing, one on ones, whatever the need Zoom makes it easy.

I personally use it to make youtube videos.  Just make like you’re opening a meeting and bingo you record yourself!  All done!

I’ve found it has better video and sound than some of the others.  Much better than Skype.

Marketing Webinars are great with Zoom.  Make a presentation and display it or just share your screen to make points.  Live attendees can also record your webinar and replay them for their marketing.

Great For All Kinds of Businesses

If you happen to be a life coach, consultant or author you can use Zoom to create courses if that’s your goal.  You can schedule out and advertise it’s coming up and then sell it as a “live” session.

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Make it a part of your course and you can sell it over and over again making it an evergreen course.

Just a Great Tool For Sure…

Especially like the fact that when I’m done making a video or holding a webinar I can quickly upload with no editing.  Just upload and done.

Everything video and webinar wise I use Zoom. 

Highly recommend you try it out here.

To Your Success!

Jimmy Slattery

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